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Welcome to our website! Discover our fine collection of famous quotes from around the world. Enjoy and share the quotations you like and remember to come back, we update our content frequently. Explore our oasis and be inspired!
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Dying is a wild night and a new road.
Emily Dickinson Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

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Quotes, Proverbs, Sayings

What's an individual? In reality what we call me is different from day to day, week to week, year to year.
Deepak Chopra

Everything there is has a reason for existing.
Mihail Eminescu

The creative individual is a master of courage, the person in the crowd that proclaims that "the emperor has no clothes" when everyone else is afraid to speak up.
Alberto Villoldo

In silence, love is happening.

When a person truly has faith in healing, there is no disease too difficult or impossible to heal.
Brenda Cobb

In the whole of the Universe there is no being capable of more powerful development and greater freedom than Man.
Vladimir Megre

Awareness is the light that makes the darkness disappear.
Dan McDonald, "The Life Regenerator"

You can live a life of fear or live a life of love. You have the choice! But I can tell you that if you choose to see a world full of love, your body will respond by growing in health.
Bruce Lipton

One does not judge those whom one loves.
Hector Malot

The joy of being is the joy of being conscious.
Eckhart Tolle

Start looking at the bright side of things, your survival literally depends on it! Stop feeling sorry for yourself - that's negativity and by doing so you are killing yourself.
Markus Rothkranz

Both man and the air are purified by movement.

Consciousness is eternal. The physical universe as matter and energy is eternal. And so why wouldn't a body that is filled with conscious spirit not naturally live forever? Maybe we can include the physical body in the eternal life of the spirit... What if all death is suicide?
Dan Brule

As long as we see what has come to pass as being unfair, we'll be a prisoner of what might have been.
Mark Nepo

Wheatgrass is like jet fuel for humans. It's the best fuel you can get.
Steve Meyerowitz

When you can love one tree or one flower or one dog or one place, or one person or yourself for one moment, you can find all people, all places, all suffering, all harmony in that one moment.
John Kabat-Zinn

Men doubted everything: the young men denied everything.
Alfred de Musset

Each cosmos is a living being which lives, breathes, thinks, feels, is born, and dies.
P. D. Ouspensky

Our bodies are only bridges over which our souls communicate with one another.

Marriage is not merely a vow made to another individual, that's the easy part. Marriage is also a vow made to a vow.
Elizabeth Gilbert

Mankind deserves to know the truth. The Grail found us all and now she is begging to be revealed.
Dan Brown

The system of living contrived by me, was unreasonable and unjust; because it supposed a perpetuity of youth, health, and vigour, which no man could be so foolish to hope, however extravagant he may be in his wishes.
Jonathan Swift

How do we personally weaken our minds? By allowing ourselves to dwell in judgement and opinionism, for this opens us up to negative thinking. It repels love and replaces it with all sorts of dark thoughts and feelings.
Richard Anderson

Great benefactor that he was, Prometheus gave mankind all manner of advantages which led them from a state of barbarism to civilization. He taught them astronomy - of the constellations, the mystery of the stars, the precise hour of rising stars, the zodiac. He gave them the science of numbers and the alphabet.
Earlyne Chaney

The lazy man ends up working more in the end.
Folk Saying

Mindfullness brings us happiness. Concentration makes happiness even greater, stronger and more solid.
Thich Nhat Hanh

When the mind stops working, the senses automatically follow into inactivity.
Paul Brunton

Like the caribou that wanders too far from the herd, we cannot thrive in isolation from our own kind.
David Suzuki

We have powerful clues that the basic energy of the Universe is conscious, and we all "think with the filed", to some degree.
David Wilcock

All morality relies on the sense of smell.
Christopher S. Hyatt

The taste of freedom renews my search of escape.
Catherine Jenkins

I understood then the fragility of human feelings. The most solid confidence can be broken by a single gesture.
Mircea Eliade

What we call physical death is really the moment of our rebirthing and return to glory.
Tom Harpur

It's bad enough to fail when we let go of what we believe, but it's worse when the ideas we've been living by turn out to be wrong.
Richard Bach

In the house with two girls, the cats die of thirst.
Folk Saying

Forgiveness is the science of the heart: a discipline of discovering all the ways of being that will extend your love to the world, and discarding all the ways that do not.
Patrick Miller

In every age we laugh at the costume of our fathers.
Alfred de Vigny

Although they may honor our rules while in our presence, when they're alone, cats rule their own worlds.
Gregg Braden

It's a problem of our time. The range of human knowledge today is so great that we're all specialists and the distance between specializations has become so great that anyone who seeks to wander freely among them almost has to forego closeness with the people around him.
Robert Pirsig

I make films about things that I really find fascinating.
Akira Kurosawa

Desire cannot exist any longer if every subconscious animal agent has been radically eliminated.
Samael Aun Weor


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