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Type: Actress
Nationality: French
Date of Birth: 06/27/1955


Isabelle Adjani Quotes > Nothingness not being...

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Nothingness not being nothing, nothingness being emptiness.
Isabelle Adjani

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If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Lord Byron

If you give people nothingness, they can ponder what can be achieved from that nothingness.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Tadao Ando

If a farmer fills his barn with grain, he gets mice. If he leaves it empty, he gets actors.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Walter Scott

California is a queer place in a way, it has turned its back on the world, and looks into the void Pacific. It is absolutely selfish, very empty, but not false, and at least, not full of false effort.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter D. H. Lawrence

What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Michelangelo

A fact is like a sack - it won't stand up if it's empty. To make it stand up, first you have to put in it all the reasons and feelings that caused it in the first place.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Luigi Pirandello

Philosophy! Empty thinking by ignorant conceited men who think they can digest without eating!
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Iris Murdoch

As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Victor Hugo

Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Samuel Beckett

I'm not the type of guy who enjoys one-night stands. It leaves me feeling very empty and cynical. It's not even fun sexually. I need to feel something for the woman and entertain the vain hope that it may lead to a relationship.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Ben Affleck

To praise is to praise how one surrenders to the emptiness.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Jalal-Uddin Rumi

Once conform, once do what other people do because they do it, and a lethargy steals over all the finer nerves and faculties of the soul. She becomes all outer show and inward emptiness; dull, callous, and indifferent.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Virginia Woolf

The traveller with empty pockets will sing in the thief 's face.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Juvenal

I have a nervous breakdown in the film and in one scene I get to stand at the top of the stairs waving an empty sherry bottle which is, of course, a typical scene from my daily life, so isn't much of a stretch.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Emma Thompson

We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Jalal-Uddin Rumi

I mean simply to say that I want my characters to suggest the background in themselves, even when it is not visible. I want them to be so powerfully realized that we cannot imagine them apart from their physical and social context even when we see them in empty space.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Michelangelo Antonioni

A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter John Keats

Thou must be emptied of that wherewith thou art full, that thou mayest be filled with that whereof thou art empty.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Saint Augustine

You know what I would like to do: make a film with actors standing in empty space so that the spectator would have to imagine the background of the characters.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Michelangelo Antonioni

All empty souls tend toward extreme opinions.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter William Butler Yeats

One can be emptied out and be filled up.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Isabelle Adjani

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter William Shakespeare

I also wanted to express the strength of cinema to hide reality, while being entertaining. Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pedro Almodovar

I consider that a man's brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Arthur Conan Doyle

Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Democritus

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