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Author Info:

Type: Poet
Nationality: Greek
Date of Birth: 448 BC
Date of Death: 386 BC


Aristophanes Quotes > Evil events from evil causes...

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Evil events from evil causes spring.
About: Evil

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In war, events of importance are the result of trivial causes.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Julius Caesar

Events of great consequence often spring from trifling circumstances.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Livy

Wars spring from unseen and generally insignificant causes, the first outbreak being often but an explosion of anger.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Thucydides

For among other evils caused by being disarmed, it renders you contemptible; which is one of those disgraceful things which a prince must guard against.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Niccolo Machiavelli

What is evil? - Whatever springs from weakness.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Friedrich Nietzsche

The causes of events are ever more interesting than the events themselves.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Marcus Tullius Cicero

The weather here is gorgeous. It's mild and feels like it's in the eighties. The hot dog vendors got confused because of the weather and thought it was spring, so they accidentally changed the hot dog water in their carts.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter David Letterman

A man has cause for regret only when he sows and no one reaps.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Charles Goodyear

The offhand decision of some commonplace mind high in office at a critical moment influences the course of events for a hundred years.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Thomas Hardy

The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter George Washington

It is necessary for him who lays out a state and arranges laws for it to presuppose that all men are evil and that they are always going to act according to the wickedness of their spirits whenever they have free scope.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Niccolo Machiavelli

War is evil, but it is often the lesser evil.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter George Orwell

Once men are caught up in an event, they cease to be afraid. Only the unknown frightens men.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Antoine De Saint-Exupery

But your questions, which are unanswerable without exception, all spring from the same erroneous thinking.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Hermann Hesse

There is no greater evil for men than the constraint of fortune.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Sophocles

The actual tragedies of life bear no relation to one's preconceived ideas. In the event, one is always bewildered by their simplicity, their grandeur of design, and by that element of the bizarre which seems inherent in them.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Jean Cocteau

Down the road, I'll probably have a kid or two or three. And there will probably be political events or spiritual things to comment on, and humor.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Alanis Morissette

There is hardly a case in which the dispute was not caused by a woman.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Juvenal

In some causes silence is dangerous.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Saint Ambrose

Whenever you are angry, be assured that it is not only a present evil, but that you have increased a habit.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Epictetus

Ignorance of all things is an evil neither terrible nor excessive, nor yet the greatest of all; but great cleverness and much learning, if they be accompanied by a bad training, are a much greater misfortune.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Plato

The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Marcus Tullius Cicero

You're meant to be playing the distillation of evil, which can be anything.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Ralph Fiennes

Often an entire city has suffered because of an evil man.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Hesiod

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Henry David Thoreau

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