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Type: Director
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 08/16/1954


James Cameron Quotes > You have to not listen to the...

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You have to not listen to the nay sayers because there will be many and often they'll be much more qualified than you and cause you to sort of doubt yourself.
James Cameron
About: Self-discovery, Listening

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I will listen to anyone's convictions, but pray keep your doubts to yourself.
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And that sort of reinforces to me that fact that he causes so much trouble, and never really pays a price for it, which I think he should.
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He was afflicted by the thought that where Beauty was, nothing ever ran quite straight, which no doubt, was why so many people looked on it as immoral.
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But, having a perfume and license, in general, is a financial necessity. A designer must, to reap back the money spent on prototypes and all that sort of thing.
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After having dispatched a meal, I went ashore, and found no habitation save a single house, and that without an occupant; we had no doubt that the people had fled in terror at our approach, as the house was completely furnished.
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Although a skillful flatterer is a most delightful companion if you have him all to yourself, his taste becomes very doubtful when he takes to complimenting other people.
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He listens well who takes notes.
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I am turned into a sort of machine for observing facts and grinding out conclusions.
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Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.
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Listen to many, speak to a few.
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I've been reckless, but I'm not a rebel without a cause.
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Evil events from evil causes spring.
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Why are we here? I think many people assume, wrongly, that a company exists solely to make money. Money is an important part of a company's existence, if the company is any good. But a result is not a cause. We have to go deeper and find the real reason for our being.
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I grew up within Italian-American neighborhoods, everybody was coming into the house all the time, kids running around, that sort of stuff, so when I finally got into my own area, so to speak, to make films, I still carried on.
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It is the cause and not the death that makes the martyr.
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The deplorable mania of doubt exhausts me. I doubt about everything, even my doubts.
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Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail to keep the attention of their listeners.
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To walk through the ruined cities of Germany is to feel an actual doubt about the continuity of civilization.
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Orators are most vehement when their cause is weak.
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I remember in that red leisure suit I sort of felt like a Pizza Hut employee, and the white one was the ultimate, with the white turtleneck collar, that was the ultimate in bad taste.
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I don't get angry very often. I lose my temper rarely. And when I do, there's always a legitimate cause. Normally I have a great lightness of being. I take things in a very happy, amused way.
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The Athenians are right to accept advice from anyone, since it is incumbent on everyone to share in that sort of excellence, or else there can be no city at all.
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I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman.
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I listened more than I studied... therefore little by little my knowledge and ability were developed.
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No doubt the artist is the child of his time; but woe to him if he is also its disciple, or even its favorite.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Friedrich Schiller

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