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Author Info:

Type: Writer
Nationality: Brazilian
Date of Birth: 12/25/1925
Date of Death: 04/27/1998


Carlos Castaneda Quotes > One must have something to...

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One must have something to die for in order to have something to live for.
Carlos Castaneda
About: Death, Life

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The king must die so that the country can live.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Maximilien Robespierre

While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Leonardo da Vinci

Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Dale Carnegie

Reverence does not die with mortals, nor does it perish whether they live or die.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Sophocles

Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Napoleon Bonaparte

Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Aeschylus

We seem to have a compulsion these days to bury time capsules in order to give those people living in the next century or so some idea of what we are like.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Alfred Hitchcock

Let us live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Mark Twain

Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how. The moment you know how, you begin to die a little.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Agnes de Mille

Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction. No, read in order to live.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Gustave Flaubert

To die for a religion is easier than to live it absolutely.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Jorge Luis Borges

What we live by we die by.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Robert Frost

I would rather die standing than live on my knees!
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Emiliano Zapata

If we are marked to die, we are enough to do our country loss; and if to live, the fewer men, the greater share of honor.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter William Shakespeare

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Mark Twain

Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Virginia Woolf

I would rather die standing up, than live life on my knees.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Emiliano Zapata

I want to have the fun of doing anime and I love anime, but I can't do storyboards because I can't really draw and that's what they live and die on.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Quentin Tarantino

I am well aware that many will say that no one can possibly speak with spirits and angels so long as he lives in the body; and many will say that it is all fancy, others that I relate such things in order to gain credence, and others will make other objections.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Emanuel Swedenborg

I became obsessed with all these women who die never feeling they did anything extraordinary with their lives.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Salma Hayek

It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Emiliano Zapata

How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I'm committed to?
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Tony Robbins

I don't believe in happy endings, but I do believe in happy travels, because ultimately, you die at a very young age, or you live long enough to watch your friends die. It's a mean thing, life.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter George Clooney

Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered - either by themselves or by others.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Mark Twain

Life has no meaning unless one lives it with a will, at least to the limit of one's will. Virtue, good, evil are nothing but words, unless one takes them apart in order to build something with them; they do not win their true meaning until one knows how to apply them.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Paul Gauguin

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