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Author Info:

Type: Philosopher
Nationality: Greek
Date of Birth: 55 AD
Date of Death: 135 AD


Epictetus Quotes > We have two ears and one...

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We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.
About: Listening

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Children don't need much advice but they really do need to be listened to and not just with half an ear.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Emma Thompson

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Napoleon Hill

Since in order to speak, one must first listen, learn to speak by listening.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Jalal-Uddin Rumi

Listen closely as those around you speak; great truths are revealed in jest.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Javan

Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Anne Sexton

I speak fluent Hebrew and even dream in Hebrew when we visit there, once or twice a year.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Natalie Portman

We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Diogenes

Listen to many, speak to a few.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter William Shakespeare

Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Miguel Angel Ruiz

You have to not listen to the nay sayers because there will be many and often they'll be much more qualified than you and cause you to sort of doubt yourself.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter James Cameron

There are certain realities we must speak of with our children that were not present when I was a child.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Gloria Estefan

Talking and eloquence are not the same: to speak and to speak well are two things. A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Heinrich Heine

It is a mistake for a sculptor or a painter to speak or write very often about his job. It releases tension needed for his work.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Henry Moore

Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Paulo Coelho

Speak what you think today in hard words, and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradicts everything you said today.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dream on it. Let your mind take you to places you would like to go, and then think about it and plan it and celebrate the possibilities. And don't listen to anyone who doesn't know how to dream.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Liza Minnelli

Happy is the man whom the Muses love: sweet speech flows from his mouth.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Hesiod

Women priests. Great, great. Now there's priests of both sexes I don't listen to.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Bill Hicks

Well, listen, you know, the Czech saying is, you know, when you are drowning you are grabbing even a little twig. That's what all Czechs were doing, grabbing for... with the hope for this little twig.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Milos Forman

Everything that goes into my mouth seems to make me fat, everything that comes out of my mouth embarrasses me.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Robert Frost

We cannot always oblige; but we can always speak obligingly.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Voltaire

Twice and thrice over, as they say, good is it to repeat and review what is good.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Plato

When I talk about having good hearing, I don't mean just listening, but listening to yourself. When I talk about good eyesight, I don't mean just looking, but looking at yourself.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Chuang Tzu

You learned the two greatest thing in life, never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Robert De Niro

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