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Author Info:

Type: Psychologist
Nationality: Austrian
Date of Birth: 05/06/1856
Date of Death: 09/23/1939


Sigmund Freud Quotes > America is a mistake, a giant...

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America is a mistake, a giant mistake.
Sigmund Freud

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Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Oscar Wilde

Pray look better, Sir... those things yonder are no giants, but windmills.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Miguel de Cervantes

Everything tells me that I am about to make a wrong decision, but making mistakes is just part of life. What does the world want of me? Does it want me to take no risks, to go back to where I came from because I didn't have the courage to say "yes" to life?
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Paulo Coelho

In America, they are paranoid about ruining the reputations of people once they are dead and cannot answer back. They have this fascination which to me seems cruel and morbid. I do not want any part of it.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Isabella Rossellini

Don't be afraid to make a mistake. But make sure you don't make the same mistake twice.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Akio Morita

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Napoleon Bonaparte

Mixing one's wines may be a mistake, but old and new wisdom mix admirably.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Bertolt Brecht

That which you mistake for madness is but an overacuteness of the senses.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Edgar Allan Poe

In America the schools have become too permissive, the kids now are controlling the schools, the tail is wagging the dog. We've got to make a change there and get it back to where the teachers have control of the classrooms.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Chuck Norris

If you give me any problem in America I can trace it down to domestic violence. It is the cradle of most of the problems, economic, psychological, educational.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Salma Hayek

Theater people are always pining and agonizing because they're afraid that they'll be forgotten. And in America they're quite right. They will be.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Agnes de Mille

Fear may very well be a caveman fear of the predator, of the giant lizard chasing them - maybe that's what Steven Spielberg connects with so well in Lost World.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Oliver Stone

Never mistake motion for action.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Ernest Hemingway

America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense, it is the other way around. Human rights invented America.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Jimmy Carter

God bless America. God save the Queen. God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Russell Crowe

I hope America can also be the cultural leader of the world, and use this frontier spirit to lead and show others that we need courage to go places where we have not gone before.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Tadao Ando

In America the President reigns for four years, and Journalism governs forever and ever.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Oscar Wilde

One makes mistakes; that is life. But it is never a mistake to have loved.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Romain Rolland

When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Paulo Coelho

Telling lies and showing off to get attention are mistakes I made that I don't want my kids to make.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Jane Fonda

Take risks. Ask big questions. Don't be afraid to make mistakes; if you don't make mistakes, you're not reaching far enough.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter David Packard

There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children and the United States of America.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Otto von Bismarck

The only things that the United States has given to the world are skyscrapers, jazz, and cocktails. That is all. And in Cuba, in our America, they make much better cocktails.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Federico Garcia Lorca

True justice is paying only once for each mistake. True injustice is paying more than once for each mistake.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Miguel Angel Ruiz

Some of the most miserable people I know are some of the richest people in America, they are the most miserable individuals I've ever seen.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Chuck Norris

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