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Author Info:

Type: Spiritual Teacher
Nationality: Indian
Date of Birth: 12/11/1931
Date of Death: 01/19/1990


Osho Quotes > Yoga means now you will have...

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Yoga means now you will have to be a harmony, you will have to become one.
About: Inspirational, Yoga

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Yoga means to encounter the reality as it is.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Osho

All meanings, we know, depend on the key of interpretation.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter George Eliot

A true heiress is never mean to anyone - except a girl who steals your boyfriend.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Paris Hilton

A good upbringing means not that you won't spill sauce on the tablecloth, but that you won't notice it when someone else does.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Anton Chekhov

Anyone who attempts to generate random numbers by deterministic means is, of course, living in a state of sin.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter John von Neumann

It is only after years of preparation that the young artist should touch color - not color used descriptively, that is, but as a means of personal expression.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Henri Matisse

Freedom from effort in the present merely means that there has been effort stored up in the past.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Theodore Roosevelt

An enlightened person is the richest person possible, but his richness comes from surrender, not from fight. He does not... he has not any conflict with the whole. He has fallen in harmony, he is in a harmonia.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Osho

Bring your desires down to your present means. Increase them only when your increased means permit.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Aristotle

If life isn't about human beings and living in harmony, then I don't know what it's about.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Orlando Bloom

If I asked for a cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Mae West

Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Miguel Angel Ruiz

Art is not an end in itself, but a means of addressing humanity.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Modest Mussorgsky

There is always something infinitely mean about other people's tragedies.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Oscar Wilde

To love someone means to see him as God intended him.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Fyodor Dostoevsky

To live means to finesse the processes to which one is subjugated.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Bertolt Brecht

Finally we shall place the Sun himself at the center of the Universe. All this is suggested by the systematic procession of events and the harmony of the whole Universe, if only we face the facts, as they say, 'with both eyes open'.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Nicolaus Copernicus

My whole working philosophy is that the only stable happiness for mankind is that it shall live married in blessed union to woman-kind - intimacy, physical and psychical between a man and his wife. I wish to add that my state of bliss is by no means perfect.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter D. H. Lawrence

The crises of modern man are to a large extent religious ones, insofar as they are an awakening of his awareness to an absence of meaning.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Mircea Eliade

We are now integrated into American society and I don't like the word fashionable, because fashionable means that it's going to pass. It's not like that anymore.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Antonio Banderas

I can be pretty nasty. Not 'mean' nasty, but nasty by your parents' standards. But not by my parents' standards, because my parents were nasty for their day.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Bridget Fonda

Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Heraclitus

I think for being not unsympathetic that their appearance may also appear, so differently it, must; similarly as with animals, which meet us in very different forms, which look somehow harmonious however all. On exactly such forms I would stand.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Ulrich Walter

I mean, there's no arguing. There is no anything. There is no beating around the bush. "You're fired" is a very strong term.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Donald Trump

I mean simply to say that I want my characters to suggest the background in themselves, even when it is not visible. I want them to be so powerfully realized that we cannot imagine them apart from their physical and social context even when we see them in empty space.
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Michelangelo Antonioni

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