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Author Info:

Type: Composer
Nationality: French
Date of Birth: 03/07/1875


Maurice Ravel Quotes > You might lose your...

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You might lose your spontaneity and, instead of composing first-rate Gershwin, end up with second rate Ravel.
Maurice Ravel

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The creative urge is the demon that will not accept anything second rate.
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Since then, I have worked with the group that commissioned and improved the ring and that is now preparing the construction of a second ring to increase the p stacking rate by an order of magnitude.
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Every few seconds it changes - up an eighth, down an eighth -it's like playing a slot machine. I lose $20 million, I gain $20 million.
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Life holds one great but quite commonplace mystery. Though shared by each of us and known to all, seldom rates a second thought. That mystery, which most of us take for granted and never think twice about, is time.
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I may not be a first-rate composer, but I am a first-class second-rate composer.
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What I wanted and what I visualized while composing has not always been realized.
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When we played softball, I'd steal second base, feel guilty and go back.
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A lover always thinks of his mistress first and himself second; with a husband it runs the other way.
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The second office in the government is honorable and easy; the first is but a splendid misery.
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The quickest way to end a war is to lose it.
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Europeans are incredibly negative about America at the moment. I think they lose sight of the fact that the country's a very divided place right now.
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There is danger that we lose sight of what our friend is absolutely, while considering what she is to us alone.
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I have long thought that anyone who does not regularly - or ever - gaze up and see the wonder and glory of a dark night sky filled with countless stars loses a sense of their fundamental connectedness to the universe.
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Work at the same time on sky, water, branches, ground, keeping everything going on an equal basis... Don't be afraid of putting on colour... Paint generously and unhesitatingly, for it is best not to lose the first impression.
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Fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run.
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Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
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We all have that burning question about what happens if we lose somebody we love, especially if we lose them tragically. We wonder what fear was going on, we wonder if we could have reached out and touched them, held their hand, looked in their eyes, been there.
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Beware that you do not lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.
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Money is like an arm or leg - use it or lose it.
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I am composing like a god, as if it simply had to be done as it has been done.
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However, because Britain is young and exciting, I did show my second line here once or twice.
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The biggest break in my career was getting into the Beatles in 1962. The second biggest break since then is getting out of them.
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Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper.
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In order to acquire intellect one must need it. One loses it when it is no longer necessary.
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My tongue is prone to lose the way,
Not so my pen, for in a letter
We have not better things to say,
But surely put them better.
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