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Type: Composer
Nationality: German
Date of Birth: 08/04/1947


Klaus Schulze Quotes > As everyone else, I was a fan...

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As everyone else, I was a fan of Pink Floyd in the sixties.
Klaus Schulze

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But we did the Pink Panther not in Hollywood, in Italy.
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It's been quite a roller coaster ride, but I've grown and learned a lot about myself... The greatest thing is being able to interact with fans and touch people's lives... For that I give thanks.
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I'd like to be Dakota Fanning when I get young.
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I know what it takes to put on a good show for the fans.
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I'm not a big fan of romantic comedies, believe it or not.
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The fans have been great to me. I don't think it's asking too much to have me sign something for them.
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I've never worried about what audiences would accept or had a game plan regarding the career. I never had an idea of how I should look to my fans or anybody else.
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Well, I'm playing for the fans so whenever they come and ask for autographs I always try to give it to everybody because I'm out there for the people.
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Fan the sinking flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship; and pass the rosy wine.
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I couldn't believe when I first got a fan letter from Al Pacino, it was unreal.
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I will do everything I can to bring the Number One to Ferrari. The whole team and all the fans deserve it.
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Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!
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If a site is done with pleasure and a fun attitude, it's a great way to communicate with your fans.
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Fans are really important for me. And if they take pains to write me, it's the minimum that I answer myself.
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The tones of gray, pale turquoise and pink will prevail.
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Dakota Fanning is a child, but she is a wonderful actor. I don't know what a child actor is. She's an actor who's a child.
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For me, the summer will be pure gray - mother-of-pearl gray, very pale gray. To me, this is the big statement for summer. Then we have light blue, light turquoise, lots of pink.
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I'm a big fan of dreams. Unfortunately, dreams are our first casualty in life - people seem to give them up, quicker than anything, for a 'reality.'
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I think some fans want everything to stay they same because they want to stay the same.
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They have great strip clubs in Austin, Texas, so I would have my fan club... I would have the girls come up and we would, ah... talk.
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England is one of my favorite places. The fans are just so crazy.
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They're right to think that about me, because I'm the person most likely to sleep with my female fans, I genuinely love other women. And I think they know that.
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I like meeting all my fans and signing autographs, although it can all get a bit crazy. Yesterday, for example, a boy just came over and planted a big kiss on my face! I was like, 'Hello?'
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